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Create the right kind of atmosphere whilst also keeping your floors clean with our versatile Pride of Place range of doormats. Break from the norm and upgrade your doorways with one of our carefully considered designs in a wide variety of materials and styles.
Stopping dirt at the door doesn’t have to be boring. Our mid-tier Pride of Place range solve the problem of appearance vs. functionality – go for both! With different styles for indoor or outdoor use alongside a selection of machine washable mats, there really is something for everyone.
Choose from coir in fun shapes or with embossed details, or how about our plush polyester washable mats in a choice of decadent colours? Washable design mats add colour and texture to any floor, whilst our rubber border mats offer the look of wrought iron with the value and durability of natural rubber.
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Washable Designs

100% Polyamide

Rubber Border

With Coir Insert

Rubber Embossed

on Natural Coir

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100% Polyamide

Shaped Coir

Fun & Unique

Shaped Coir

Fun & Unique