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Our Mud Stopper collection is home to a range of doormats that do exactly what you expect them to. Stop Mud. Expertly designed to efficiently remove all types of dirt, they are perfect for households with outdoor workers, that are more rural or have lots of children and pets.
Our Mud Stoppers won’t let you down. They soak up wet mud and capture dirt before it’s trodden into your carpets. Leave the worst of the weather outside on the mat, not in your home.
In a range of rubber and coir finishes, being practical doesn’t have to mean being boring. All of our Mud Stoppers are ideal for use outside, and we often offer boot trays for storing muddy boots by the door.
Stopping Mud Since 2017

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Boot Trays

Ideal For Storing Muddy Boots

Rubber Lattice

Tough and Durable

Rubber Lattice

Tough and Durable

Boot Trays

Perfect for Families

Coir Brush

Excellent Scraping Ability

Rubber & Coir Brush

Hard-Wearing & Hard-Working