Don’t Restrict Mats To The Front Door

For Every Room!!

A doormat for every room of your home! At ESSELLE Limited, we don’t believe a doormat should be restricted to the front or back door. Adapt your matting to how you live your life.

Set the scene and use a mat to add warmth underfoot, or colour to a room. As well as keeping out the dirt, they can inject personality. Like to follow the latest trends? A mat is a cheap way to add colour and style to any home, and doesn’t cost the earth. Don’t wait until your current doormat needs replacing, go for an update any time you fancy a change.

Does your family love the great outdoors? Are you suffering from a dirt invasion? If your family like to bring muddy boots in through the back door, consider a functional Mud Stopper outside the door with a washable mat inside to soak up extra moisture and dirt.

Spend a lot of time in the kitchen? If kitchen flooring is hard and cold underfoot, consider a washable design mat to add colour and warmth. And the best bit? Any culinary spills or splashes from surfaces and you can pop the mat into the washing machine so it comes up looking like new again. Ideal by the oven or sink.

From Coir And Jute To Rubber And Polypropylene

Doormats Types

The composition of your doormat dictates where you can use it (indoor or outside) and how you care for it (brush clean or machine washable). Take a browse through the different types of doormats we stock and consider offering a wider range of materials to your customers.


Coconut Fibre


Vegetable Fibre


Natural Fibre

Rubber & Coir

Natural Rubber & Coconut Fibre

Rubber & Polyprop

Natural Rubber W/ Synthetic Top


Synthetic Produced Plastic


Synthetic Produced Plastic


Polyester & Cotton Mix


Natural & Synthetic Fibres