We’re proud of our brands

A brand is a story

Make a house a home with our fabulous range of high quality doormats. Whether you’re looking for a traditional design or something a bit more adventurous, take comfort in the knowledge that here at ESSELLE, we cater for all tastes and preferences.

Our collections are divided into five sections, making it easier for you to find the perfect mat. From the elegant simplicity of the Splendid Home collection to the uncompromising performance of the Mud Stopper, we have it all. And because of our diverse supplier base, we can offer mats of most materials in designs you’ll love.

Our carefully considered brands cater for all budgets and tastes, and add gravitas to each stylish mat they adorn. Stand out against your competition and let our brands speak volumes on your behalf.


Because reputation is everything

Our Brands

Here at ESSELLE, we understand that brands can add value. That’s why we’ve created eye catching brands for all types of doormats.

Choose one of our brands or allow us to work with you to create your own.

Splendid Home


Mud Stopper


Pride of Place




Home Essentials


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